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Whats your pet’s pet peeves?

Posted on October 03 2016

Pet Peeves

 I have a few pet peeves when it comes to people and these three are at the top of my list.

My Pet Peeves

  1. The grocery shopper that blocks the aisle with their cart, then gives you an annoyed look when you politely say “Excuse me”.
  2. The driver that forces you to slam on your brakes because they pull out in front of you when there’s nobody in sight behind you. Usually they end up driving well below the speed limit too.
  3. The person that crunches loudly when eating food or chews with their mouth open.

Here’s what’s strange. I know it’s not their fault, but noisy eaters bother me the most. Ironically, I don’t mind watching or listening to Haley crunch food or chew with her mouth open. As a matter of fact, I find it amusing. Why am I so tolerant of Haley’s crunching when sometimes I have to leave the room when a human is eating the same way? The truth is, there are very few things that bother me about dogs compared to humans. Yes, it’s not always pleasant when a panting dog gets in your face to greet you with their steamy dog breath or when you reach down to pet your pup only to realize they’ve just rolled in some nasty smelling substance, but I generally find dogs to be much less annoying than people.

I wonder if dogs feel the same way. I’m sure they have their people pet peeves, but are they more tolerant of humans than other dogs? Haley prefers the company of people over dogs, but I can always tell when she’s irritated with me. She’ll walk away from me but turn her head enough to give me “the look” or she’ll slowly lie down while letting out a grumble of displeasure when she doesn’t get her way. If I had to guess, these would be Haley’s top three people pet peeves.

My Pet’s Pet Peeves

  1. Haley’s not a fan of having food balanced on her nose then trying to catch it in the air. I think she feels it’s quite demeaning.
  2. Loud sneezes from the humans will sometimes send her out of the room.
  3. Hearing the phrase, “In a little bit” means maybe later to Haley and I usually get a little doggy back talk in return.

Whether it’s loud crunching or loud sneezes, I guess we all have things that irritate us sometimes.




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