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Tackling Those Dreaded Grooming Days

Posted on January 24 2017

Tackling Those Dreaded Grooming Days Blog

You walk in the front door and there he is. Waiting for you with a toy in his mouth – tail wagging. Your love for this flea-sack is so big you just want to kiss that cute little face, slobber and all. Then suddenly you realise it is time for that dreadful word again. It is time for grooming and you don’t know who fears it the most, you or the slobber?

Scientific evidence showed that grooming your dog is a great stress release for both of you. You get to spend valuable time together and it also strengthens your relationship.

Here Are Some Great Tips For You On How To Make Grooming Easier!


Bathing your dog can be fun – and sometimes very wet … Bring some toys in to make it even bigger fun!

  • When he is still small, the sink or a plastic tub will work perfectly. Wet the coat thoroughly - and avoid water getting into his eyes. Remember you can always try to distract him with a treat.
  • Lather with special dog shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Leftover soap can make him very itchy.
  • Towel dry him first – and be ready for the shaking.
  • He will definitely use this opportunity to roll on the grass, so maybe it is better to keep him inside until he is completely dry.

If rolling on the grass did occur – start from the beginning.


All dogs have different types of coats and the grooming routine will depend greatly on whether he has a short, smooth, long or silky coat.

  • Let your dog sits on your lap, if possible – you will obviously not try this with your Great Dane – and keep the treats ready.
  • Remember to praise him for being such a big boy.
  • Brush him for about two minutes and then stop for a treat.
  • This is now the perfect opportunity for you to examine his general health – toes, nails, and teeth. Also, check the ears for fleas or other parasites.

Dental Care

Some good news for both of you – dogs are not as prone to cavities as humans, but they can still develop problems like build-up of plaque and gingivitis. Canine dental problems can lead to life-threatening infections.

  • Never use regular human toothpaste for your dog. It contains fluoride which is poisonous for dogs.
  • At first, your dog will not like his teeth to be brushed. Start slow and stop if he becomes agitated. Next time you can increase the time - and before long your slobber will be on the toothpaste advertisement!

No more dreading the grooming – and you can definitely be sure of a permanent job soon.


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