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Sleeping With Your Dog? Yay Or Nay

Posted on February 01 2017

Sleeping With Your Dog? Yay Or Nay - Blog


Some people will argue saying that when your dog sleeps in your bed it is a clear sign that he is in charge. Others pull paces, thinking of the fleas and parasites nestling in your linen. But then on the other side, you have the group that is hitting the sack with their dogs every night. The group who accepted that slobber is the new leader of the pack and not them anymore. Them, well they became the slaves.

Sleeping with your dog is not really unusual. According to a recent survey, nearly half of dogs sleep with their owners in their beds. Small breeds, medium breeds, or large breeds - all sizes are welcome.

Reasons Why You Should Not Sleep With Your Dog

But does this mean that it is healthy to accommodate your dog in your bed?

Definitely not for people who suffer from asthma or pet allergies. Sleeping with your dog will make it worse and can be life-threatening. For those who are not allergic, it should not be an issue as long as he doesn’t disturb your sleep. And unfortunately that can happen. They snore, kick and need to be covered by the blanket… Once you invited your dog into your bed, you invited him forever. Some dogs like to chew and your pillow or blanket will soon be the victim. Others like to shuffle around, and in the process, your sheets will tear. Dog hair will definitely make it into your bed, and so will dirt, mud, fleas, parasites, and feces…

Reasons Why You Should Sleep With Your Dog

Enough with the bad news now! We all know that dogs are attention seekers. They love to be touched, petted and a good rub. They hate to be alone, especially during nighttime.

Bringing your dog into your room can solve some behavioral problems for him. Some dogs will bark in the middle in the night for no reason but he will surely not show that behavior in your bed.

Dogs give you comfort. They will make your bed feel much cozier with their rhythmic breathing and warm body next to you, and their presence promotes a feeling of safety and calmness, which will help you fall asleep easier.

Now the question still remains – yay or nay? It is a personal choice that you – and your slobbery pal – will have to decide on.



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