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Hiking with Small Dogs

Posted on September 06 2016

hiking with small dogs

Advantages of Hiking with Small Dogs

I love all dogs and do not discriminate based on size. However, it is a fact that there are differences between small dogs and big dogs. Some of these differences become apparent when you are hiking or backpacking with your small dog.

1. You can use your hand as water dish because they usually only drink a few ounces at a time.

2. If they do manage to go off trail, they don’t damage the vegetation as much because they “leave a smaller pawprint”.

3. They don’t usually like to get their belly wet so they often won’t cross streams. Some bigger dogs don’t like water either. The ADVANTAGE is that small dogs are light enough that you can scoop them up, carry them over, and be on your way.

4. If they get hurt or tired you can easily carry them out of the woods. Case in point.

5. You have to carry less food with you on overnight backpacking trips.

6. They can fit inside your sleeping bag with you and help keep you warm at night.

They are a great conversation piece on the trail because people who see you are so amazed that your little doggy made it. I think we’ve only ever passed one or two people who didn’t comment about Chester and Gretel’s size or cuteness… and they were probably looking the other direction

Disadvantages of Hiking with Small Dogs

There are also disadvantages to hiking with a small dog. If you want to hike with your small dog, here are some things you should consider:

7. They typically get tired sooner and can’t go as far (especially in deep, powdery snow).

8. They think they are big dogs but they are trapped in a small body. They have a tendency to push themselves more than they can physically handle so you have to watch them closer and be more alert for signs of fatigue and dehydration.

9. Smaller dogs, especially dachshunds, are closer to the ground so they catch all the heat radiating off of it and get hotter faster when the sun is out.

10. They don’t have as much body mass as big dogs so when it is cold they tend to get colder faster.

You need a list of come-backs for responding to the comments you get. You will have to listen to many people you pass on the trail say things like “Look at that poor little guy. He/she must be tired” and “Can he/she make it all of the way to the top?”. You’ll have to get used to just smiling and walking by or have some quick come-backs handy. To get you started, here are my favorites: “Yes, those short legs can carry him/her a long way”; “Oh, he/she can out-hike me any day”; and “He/she helps pull ME up the trail”.



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